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Illegal Expulsion of CEAUP researcher Isabel Lourenço from W. Sahara by the Moroccan authorities - Full Report

As it has been internationally reported, on December 12 the CEAUP researcher Isabel Lourenço was prevented from landing in the Sahara territory by the Moroccan authorities. Forced to remain in Morocco for the following two days, the full report on the illegal procedures suffered by Isabel Lourenço is published only today.

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Participation in the 3rd ESPA Group Collaborative Working Session

On December 12, 2019, CEAUP participated, as secretariat in support of the Monitoring Committee, in the 3rd Collaborative Working Session of the Group of Subscribing Entities of the Plan of Action (ESPA) of the National Strategy for Development Education 2018-2022 ( ENED 2018-2022).

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CEAUP marked the centenary of the Mozambican worker’s newspaper O Emancipador

In partnership with A Voz do Operário, in Lisbon, and with Sociedade Recreativa Operária, in Santarém, the University of Porto Center for African Studies held, on 14 and 15 December, two events to mark the centenary of the workers' newspaper O Emancipador, which was published in Mozambique from 1919 until 1937, when it was banned by Salazar’s dictatorship.

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