Economic and religious interplay of interests as a reason for drastic change in Africa's electioneering dynamics

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Africa due to its geostrategic repository of huge natural resources of global interest as well as its growing population and markets have become of huge interest to powerful states of the world. The clash of civilizations in the 21st century, with religion now playing a major factor in the world and foreign policy is also a factor which has caused powerful nations of the world to look towards Africa. These interests have changed electioneering dynamics in Africa and have to a large extent become the denominator and determinant of who comes into power in African states. The paper identifies what these interests and players are, and how the political structure and foreign policy of African states is fast changing not to suit the African peoples but to answer the strategic interests of foreign powerful nation states who have interests in Africa.

Keywords: Strategic Interests, Berlin Conference, Colonialism, Master-Slave Psychology Syndrome



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