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Journal Synergies | Tenth issue of the Scientific Journal is now available online (June 2020)

We are very pleased to share with you the tenth number of journal Sinergias - Diálogos Educativos para a Transformação Social*. It is now available online and it results from a joint call for papers with the spanish journal Revista de Fomento Social in the context of Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship european project.


This joint number is dedicated to Development Education & Global Citizenship Education within the 2030 Agenda: learnings and challenges for collaboration among actors”. It problematizes future paths that can help us solve the present crisis we live in. We are not only speaking about the present sanitary crisis. But also the structural factors that discriminate us as human beings with basic rights of existence and that divide us in privileged and disadvantaged, “developed” and “under-developed”, the ones who live and the ones who survive.   

This number includes articles from Momodou Sallah, João Chantre and Sara Poças, María Martínez Lirola e Gabriela Barbosa, selected from the joint call for papers made with Revista de Fomento Social. These articles are complemented, in the other journal’s sections, with practices, debates, interviews, and key-documents with diverse natures and from different geographies that question what is the role of Development Education and Global Citizenship Education in our current COVID-19 context, but also what is the role that different actor play in building effective solutions for our global challenges.

The journal is available, free of charge, on the DE Synergies project’s website.

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