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The Coooperative movement and the African Agricultural Cooperatives – Paths for wider cooperation

Seminar part of the AgroSemana 2018

AGROS, UCRL - auditório 2

Lugar de Caçapos – Argivai – Póvoa de Varzim

September 1st, 2018, 3.30 p.m.

Co-organisation: CEAUP; UniNorte; AgrosSMartcoop

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1st Conference CEAUP 2018-19: Educational Systems of Western Africa

FLUP, Sala de Reuniões, October 23rd, 14h30.

Key speaker: the Dean of the University of Tifariti (SARD), Prof. Jatari Andal-la Ahmed Salem.  

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"Lutas Laborais nos primórdios da Guerra Colonial" - Coleção Estudos Africanos

Already available: volume IX of "Estudos Africanos" series - a new book on Working conflicts in the Portuguese Colonies: "Lutas laborais nos primórdios da Guerra Colonial".

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3rd CEAUP Conference 2017-18 - Algerian Foreign Policy and the “Arab Spring” Imbroglio

FLUP, Sala de Reuniões, 1 February 2018 , 5 p.m.

Speaker: Prof Mourad Aty, from Gelma University - Algeria.

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