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7-8 October, 2021- FLUP

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Recent changes in the situation in Western Sahara make it necessary to enhance the coordination of efforts in all areas. In scientific research, in which several institutions have developed important work during late years, it is important to broaden the communication platforms among them, including the University of Tifariti and the SADR Ministry of Culture.

The earlier project of the University of Tifariti to organize an international scientific meeting in the SADR in 2020 was halted by the pandemic state. Meanwhile the University of Tifariti and the CEAUP invite all institutions already engaged in research projects or planning to implement it in the SADR territory for a  Seminar.

Having been for some months in preparation, this Seminar will deal with practical items concerning research on the ground. Several items have already been included in the agenda, such as the implementation of:

- a digital platform for recording and disseminating databases on Western Sahara;

- coordination of field work missions (schedules, logistics, etc.)

- interdisciplinary facilities for field work;

- technical and methodological courses to be lectured at the Tifariti University;

- the definition of dates and contents of the International Conference to be held in the SADR, according to the U. Tifariti project and as soon as the circumstances  allow it.


The Organising Committee welcomes proposals of items to be included in the  discussion.



The Seminar will be restricted to the institutions and researchers with ongoing projects on W. Sahara.

It will be presencial for those who may attend and on-line.

Researchers who may wish to attend it on-site should contact the Organising committee as late as next 30th June.

For participations on-line we also request the colleagues who wish to attend to contact the Scientific Committee so that the Seminar sessions may be organized in due time.



For any questions and register procedures, please contact: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

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