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Call for Papers - Western Sahara Research Group

The Inaugural Conference of the Western Sahara Research Group will take place in 14th January 2022 at NOVA School of Law (Lisbon), with a complementary online attendance option depending on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. This Conference will have as the general theme the international situation of Western Sahara almost 50 years after the landmark ICJ’s Advisory Opinion on the self-determination of that territory.


This Conference aims at looking at this general theme through a multidisciplinary approach. As such, the organizers hereby invite all interested to submit contributions for one or more of the following thematic groups:

Thematic group 1: Western Sahara and Self-Determination

Thematic group 2: Western Sahara and Natural Resources

Thematic group 3: Western Sahara and the European Union

Thematic group 4: Western Sahara in International Politics

More informations in: Inaugural Conference – Western Sahara Research Group (unl.pt)

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