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Foreign Interventions in West Africa and the Sahel (1989-2019)

FLUP, Anfiteatro Nobre, October 10-11 2019

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"Foreign intervention", a diplomatic euphemism that in a broad sense would also encompass colonial history, has been the most used expression for recent decades to designate a certain kind of  international pressure on subaltern states.

 Many powers and even the United Nations have legitimized and promoted interventions (diplomatic, economic and military), cooperating or not with regional actors. Cradle of countless fragile states, the African continent remains one of the main stages of this process with diverse results.

 At a time when underdevelopment and conflict in Africa are becoming more visible in Europe, mainly throughout migration currents, an international debate is required to conceptualize the typologies of interventions and, in particular, their effects on West Africa and the Sahel.

 This international conference provides the possibility for disparate voices to be heard and deals about phenomena which are increasingly part of the European political agenda.


CEAUP invites the submission of panels and individual abstracts about the following research tracks:

  • Foreign Interventions and Disempowerment of African States
  • Economic Aid, Sovereignty and Strategic Interests
  • Military and security cooperation - Agents and Goals
  • International Policies for Trans-Saharan and Trans-Mediterranean Immigration
  • Foreign Interventions in Africa - Ideological Representations in the Media
  • The Changes in the International Agenda: from Fighting Poverty to Fighting “Terrorism”


A selection of the proposed papers will be included in a special issue on this subject of the jornal Africana Studia.

The final composition of the Scientific Commission will soon be published in this website.


Paper Proposals

Proposals should include:
-an abstract up to 1000 characters
-a set of 4 keywords

-the institutional affiliation / short relevant information about the proponent


Working languages:

Proposals can be submitted in either Portuguese, English or French



Paper submission - up to 30 June 2019

Information about the validation of the proposals - up to 10 July 2019


Organizing committee:

Issau Agostinho

Maciel Santos

Mário Gonçalves

Mourad Aty

Wanjun Wu

The Seminar program and information will be posted on this website as it becomes available.


Any request for additional information may be addressed to the CEAUP Secretariat:
Center for African Studies U. P. Faculty of Arts, University of Porto
Via Panorâmica s / n 4150-564 Porto
Telefax: +351226077141
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