O texto que aqui se apresenta pretende ser uma reflexão sobre as representações geográficas vinculadas no na I Exposição Colonial Portuguesa, em 1934, e de que forma elas reflectiram e moldaram o imaginário nacional sobre os espaços do império português, ao mesmo tempo, que se problematiza a apropriação dos saberes geográficos como veículo ideológico e de propaganda.

Over four decades have passed since the invasion of Western Sahara by the Moroccan Kingdom in October 1975. The status of this non-autonomous territory has not changed and it is clearly defined not only by the UN Resolutions as well as the International Court, the African Union and the Court of Justice of the European Union. 

The subject of colonization as one of the greatest forces militating against African culture and development has gained no little attention from various African writers, both of fiction and critical essays. This paper reflects on African community spirit (as encapsulated in the Ubuntu philosophy): what it is, its characteristics, and an attempt to trace the transition of African societies from a previously more community-centred character of living into a Western-patterned individualistic nature. 


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