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CEAUP marked the centenary of the Mozambican worker’s newspaper O Emancipador

In partnership with A Voz do Operário, in Lisbon, and with Sociedade Recreativa Operária, in Santarém, the University of Porto Center for African Studies held, on 14 and 15 December, two events to mark the centenary of the workers' newspaper O Emancipador, which was published in Mozambique from 1919 until 1937, when it was banned by Salazar’s dictatorship.


The first event took place in Lisbon, at the headquarters of A Voz do Operário, a working-class society founded in 1883. It was moderated by Rita Morais, from A Voz do Operário. A paper was presented by a researcher at CEAUP, Luis Carvalho. It also included a poetry recital of a collaborator and a director of the Emancipator: respectively the Mozambican poet Rui de Noronha, recited by his own daughter Elsa de Noronha, and Alexandre Sobral de Campos, recited by actor Alexandre de Sousa.

The second event took place at the headquarters of the Sociedade Recreativa Operária de Santarém, another working class society founded in 1915. It was moderated by Victor Franco of the host association. Communications were present by two CEAUP researchers, Maciel Santos and Luis Carvalho, and by the president of a cultural local association, Associação Cultural Vale de Santarém – Identidade e Memória, Manuel Sá – who also is a nephew grandson of one of the O Emancipador directors, Joaquim Faustino da Silva. This event also included Rui de Noronha’s poetry, recited by Manuela Marques and António Chona.





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