CEAUP and FGS embraced once again the challenge to pursue a new project edition. In August 2018, “Sinergias ED: consolidating the dialogue between research and action in Development Education in Portugal” started its activities, under the main purpose of strengthening the quality of the DE intervention in Portugal. As a more specific purpose, this third edition aims to consolidate the dialogue between action and research in DE, researchers and agents of intervention in the field, and Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and Civil Society Organizations (CSO), starting from the numerous connections that have already been established and reinforced on previous editions.

Seeking to meet the growing need to combine research and action on this field, the project Synergies ED: Knowing for better acting – promoting research/action on AD in Portugal has the overall aim of promoting the valuation of ED in Portugal and the quality of its intervention.

The project Synergies ED: strenghtening the link between research and action on Education for Development (ED) in Portugal aims at promoting the quality of the intervention of Education for Development in Portugal. The first edition took place between 2013 and 2015 and this new stage aims at strenghtening and expanding the work that has already been developed to link research and action on ED.

In the field of Cooperation for Development CEAUP has a partnership with Effective Intervention, London School of Economics’ ONGD.

Project ROPE presupposes the training of Guinean teachers and trainers aiming to ensure that school children get the specific skills in each grade. The programme intends to provide a better basic level of education and the reinforcement of teachers’ pedagogical skills and knowledge.

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