1. Education, Development and Global Citizenship


Coordinator: Rui da Silva

1.1. Global education policy transfers and international development

Rui da Silva

1.2. Conflict sensitive education and Peacebuilding

Júlio Gonçalves dos Santos

1.3. Teacher education, Curriculum and endogenous knowledge

Júlio Gonçalves dos Santos

1.4. Development Education and Global Citizenship Education

La Salete Coelho

2. Scale, Environment and African Societies


Coordinators: Francisco Topa e Augusto Lança

2.1. Geo-spatial information for development and heritage conservation in South-West Angola

Roland Afungang

2.2. African Foreign Policies and Political Parties

Issau Agostinho

2.3. Regions of Africa

José Ramiro Pimenta

2.4. African Cinema and Literary Heritage

Margarida Gomes

Francisco Topa

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R&D Unit integrated in the project number UID/HIS/00495/2019.



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