CEAUP Newsletter January – March 2020

 Already Available CEAUP Newsletter January – March 2020

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Africana Studia no. 31 - Eleições em África

Already available Africana Studia no. 31 - Eleições em África

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Interruption of Activities

The CEAUP informs that because of the preventive measures related to the COVID 19 pandemic the CEAUP facilities will be closed since March 16th for an indefinite period. We will try to reply to our mail and office tasks as soon as possible under the present circumstances.

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6th International Meeting - Sport and Leisure in Africa

Due to the current pandemic situation, this Conference was posptponed to June 2021. We will soon inform about the new schedule and other changes.

Organização: Centro de Estudos Africanos da Universidade do Porto | Centro de História da Universidade de Lisboa

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معهد الدراسات الافريقية جامعة بورطو

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